We buy, sell and trade

Direct buys and Trades ins
If you are looking to sell or trade in a firearm, we may be able to assist you. We may purchase your firearm outright based on Blue Book values, variety of firearm retail databases including online sources and our knowledge of the current local market.

Consignment Sales
Consignment sales are an important part of our business and allow us to offer our customers a way to get the biggest return out of their firearms. 
Pricing: We will assist the seller in setting a reasonable price based on a variety of firearm retail databases. We do our best to help guide our customers throughout this process. Ultimately, the seller will determine the sales price.
Sale: We will display your firearm for sale at our retail store as well as many online auction and direct buy sites. Services include federal criminal history checks to ensure all sales are to persons legally approved trough the FBI NICS program. As an added incentive and after a careful examination of each item, B&B Outdoors will stand behind the firearm(s) sold on consignment with the same quality guarantee as we offer on our very own inventory that ensures the proper functionality and safety of each firearm. Customers putting firearms on consignment will never be contacted for any reason do to defects or warranty issues after the sale.

Fee: 20% of the sellers asking price. The fee is deducted from the proceeds of the sale. Sales tax shall be collected and paid to the State of Georgia.

Return of Firearm(s): The Seller may decide not to sell the firearm at any time. Please understand the seller must undergo a NICS background check before the firearm can be returned to the seller. This is an ATF regulation and we have no control over it. No transfer fee will be applied.

Appraisals: All appraisals require an in-store examination. We offer written appraisal on B&B Outdoors letter head for insurance needs at a nominal fee, based on evaluation time and services. Off Site appraisals for large collections are available, call us for details and pricing.
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